About Me

I am Daniyel Berry, I am a working mother and a wife. I am a sister and daughter. I am a student of fashion, a stylist, and a shopper of everything. Each experience in my life fuels what I do, who I am, and more importantly, who I see myself evolving into as tomorrow awakens. I have always loved fashion & clothing. It's part of who I am, like the colour of my eyes or the tone of my voice. I love beautiful fabrics, good design and most of all I love seeing people well dressed. I am a qualified Fashion Designer and have worked in the clothing industry as a Designer & Merchandiser for over 10 years. This involves understanding the South African market, buying & manufacturing for our variety of chain stores. Putting stories & ranges together is my strength. This means coordinating the jacket I bought in New York with the top I bought in Paris and making sure it lives with the pants I bought in London. Bottom line is, I love shopping and finding beautiful clothing to suit beautiful men & woman.