7 Practical Summer Trends worth trying in 2019/20

It’s nearing the holiday season when most of us are gearing up towards our Summer holiday. (or Winter if you’re traveling abroad). As women, we have the tendency to want to wear something new, update our current look or just need something which is cool to wear. 

I’m not proposing you rush out and buy all the latest trends, but I would LOVE to inspire you to show you easy ways of updating what you already have by pulling out what you have or by adding an item to make your current items feel like ‘new’ again.

Here are 7 Practical Summer trends worth trying in 2019/20. Face it, none of us want to look 85 at 45! Let’s keep up to date & keep that bounce in our step!

Sunset colors are a fresh color statement to add to your wardrobe. Shop your own wardrobe to see if you have something similar before buying a million items. I love this sunset color spectrum as it works for all Color Seasons. If you’re a Winter or Summer you will opt for the cooler more pinky tones. If you’re a Spring or Autumn then opt for your warmer more orange shades.

Beige can often be seen as B O R I N G. I like to see it as a fabulous neutral which you can accessorize in different ways. You can mix it with different colors to create a fresh new look. I’m sure you have something beige in your wardrobe. Check the silhouette and fit before resurrecting that old jacket. Take it in a bit or change a button and make it feel like new again!

YELLOW YELLOW YELLOW! There is nothing happier than the color yellow. The color of summer, sunshine & energy. If you fall into the cool spectrum (Winter or Summer) you can wear the bright yellow. If you fall into the warm spectrum (Autumn & Spring) then ochre would be better for you. You don’t have to wear a full outfit in yellow. Try a handbag if you are a little afraid, you will be surprised as to how you feel with a splash of color.

BAMBOO and sustainable fashion. There is a huge drive towards sustainable fashion and we can see this in a large number of bamboo textiles as well as a drive towards organic cotton. Natural fibers are not only great for the breathability of your skin but also for the environment. Always check your care labels when purchasing a new garment.

BATIK & TIE DYE is not everyone’s style. They tend to lean towards a more relaxed hippie vibe. If you do want to play in this area, choose prints that resonate with your style. I recently bought a classic black & beige batik dress as it echoed a more sophisticated look.

SNAKESKIN & ANIMAL can be a controversial statement to some but to others, it brings about a primal instinct on a whole different level. We have been inundated with leopard print this year. This is a timeless print that just made a statement this year on the catwalks. Snakeskin has followed in a more subtle fashion giving a simple outfit that element of class & sophistication. Try snakeskin in smaller elements like a belt, earring or even a trainer if you find it too hectic in an entire outfit.

PEARLS are my absolute favorite! This is when I love how the catwalks take a classic and turn it into a trend. Dig through your wardrobe and pull out your pearls, they’re making a statement this season. Keep your eye open in stores, you will see so many variations of this trend coming through. White on white is a fabulous option for summer. If white is not your color opt for an off white or cream. Monotone white on white can be slimming for those who are weight conscious. Try it! You will be surprised!

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