The Story

“My name is Grace Mpungose. I live in Zululand, KZN, I am married with 4 children. I have always loved working with my hands, which is an interest that was stimulated by my own late Mother (Nicolina maXulu Zwane), who was very talented in arts, she used to make thatch mats, thatch bowls and covered with plastic, she used to crotchet as well for local community selling them every month end, she would go and sell at the town markets. Most of her artwork is still being used by us, her children, and my children as well (her grandkids), that’s how good the quality it is. I believe in quality too and in great workmanship, as my Mother was also meticulous in her work and never made or gave someone sub-standard artwork (she always taught us to make things that last). In the early years of my working life, I used to do paintwork on cloth material for the coffee tables, bedside stands, etc. and stopped due to working late hours. Since COVID-19 started and I was laid off work because of my age, I realized that I cannot sit at home and do nothing. I have hands and talent for handwork/arts, let me start to crotchet and keep myself busy. I then started with 3/4 pieces, my close family members who liked them so much, they asked me to make more for them and I was selling to them. Over time, they told their friends about my crotchet work, and eventually, I met with Daniyel who heard about my artwork via my eldest Daughter whom she is friends with. This is something that I truly enjoy doing and I give my heart to it. All my work is handmade, of great quality, and made with love…a tribute to my late Mother too who passed on me this amazing talent and work ethic to me.”