Pros for choosing 100% Cotton (200 Thread count):

  1. The World Health Organisation as said we need to have 180 Thread Count or more as a close weave is woven fabric is best to minimize any droplets passing through. As you already know, no mask is 100% safe. The fabric which we are using is 200 Thread count & double layer, it is constructed in an envelope format to enable the wearer to insert a filter of their choice if they feel it necessary. (I don’t wear a filter in mine as I feel it is sufficient)
  2. 100% Cotton is a natural fiber that ensures breathability. Poly/Cotton or Polyester is difficult to breathe through.
  3. Wearing100% Cotton you will not sweat whilst wearing the mask. Poly/Cotton or Polyester will make the person wearing it sweat. If they sweat there is less likely they will wear their mask. The sweat will make the mask damp which will allow viruses’ to pass through.
  4. Wearing 100% Cotton is comfortable & light to wear. Poly/Cotton or Polyester can irritate the skin especially if the person is chemically sensitive.
  5. 100% Cotton is light & dry’s quickly overnight so the wearer can reuse in the morning.
  6. It has been instructed that masks need to be ironed after washing if you print the mask with a bigthe logo you will not be able to iron the mask as the iron will stick to the print.
  7. Printing on the mask is generally done with a chemical ink that you will breathe in whenwearing. Chemicals can cause cancer and other respiratory problems.
  8. We need to have our primary focus on the health of our nation rather than this being a fashion statement or having our business’ heavily branded on our people. As you can tell, I am hugely passionate about this:)