Style Woman

We’ve all seen, and envied, that woman who walks into the room with an air of effortless chic. Everything about her just works. She exudes confidence, and you know she doesnt spend hours trying on outfit after outfit, exchanging accessories, worrying about whether her shoes look good with her skirt. She probably does worry about that from time to time, everyone does. Her confidence comes from enjoying the process, and from knowing that she's got the essentials covered. She knows her anchor pieces are strong, so she can have some fun with colourful accessories or statement pieces. Pretty soon, that woman we all aspire to emulate will be you. And being you costs nothing. I believe in: "Shop smart, Stay chic & Make it last." A stylish woman must always look like she's en route to the most marvellous event in her life. You don't have to spend a fortune to look fabulous, or sacrifice style when you're on a budget. Less really is more. Take stock. Know yourself. Style comes from within. Style is having the confidence to play with fashion, to be creative & innovative. Your wardrobe is your challenge, use your limitations as an inspiration to see yourself and your clothes with fresh eyes.