How to train yourself to accessorize

We all have our pajama days…no make up, scraped back hair. We are moms, the kids are tearing the house apart…the last person you are thinking about is you. The kids are in bed now, you’ve just pulled out your iPad for a little “Me” time….focus on you…the moments you really want to feel confident and good about yourself.
Majority of my Style Me clients struggle with jewelry & accessories. They say “I don’t wear jewelry, I don’t even own any.” ” I love scarves but don’t know how to wear them”. Many clients have a fear of accessorizing, a fear of getting it wrong.
Accessories make an outfit feel more complete, finished & polished. Let’s learn & train ourselves how to  accessorize.
1. Do a little research online or buy the latest Elle or Instyle Mag, find out what on trend and which styles you are drawn toward. ( You will always have your vintage or classic pieces)
2. Accessorizing can be time consuming, select a Tuesday & Thursday to accessorize, make an effort. As you feel more comfortable, step it up to 3 days.
3. Stand in front of the mirror in your favourite jeans & T-shirt (black of white). Play.
  • Add a necklace with a gold or silver sandal.
  • Add a printed scarf with a hoop earring.
  • Add a beautiful statement earring with a handbag in your favourite Colour.
  • Add a pair of “fake” diamond studs, a beautiful belt and a set of bracelets.
  • Add a string of beads and a beautiful set of bracelets together with a plain gold simple thong.
You will be surprised at the different looks you can create with accessories. Remember, don’t wear everything at the same time. Hats, sunglasses, tights & broaches are also great ways to accessorize.
Let me know if this advise helps & you have any questions, would love to hear from you.
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