Womens Expo


Walking into a room filled with tables laden with jewelry, makeup, clothing, cupcakes, champagne and much more. With so much to do you are happy you chose to visit the women’s expo today. 

Getting handed a little goodie bag and knowing it will be filled with beautiful things by the end of the day puts a smile on your face. 
The music sets a perfect atmosphere as you start to wonder around the expo admiring the delightful array of stands.  Something catches your attention as you see the most beautiful range of stunning accessories, ranging from statement necklaces to watches.   As you move further along the table you see a banner which says ‘STYLE ME Image Consultanting’. You look down at your outfit and think a ‘STYLE ME Makeover’  is a must! As you read more about the different packages STYLE ME has to offer, you start to realize how important it really is to know what colours suit you & what would suit your figure type.  You want to know how to put your wardrobe together to save time & money. 

You explore a few more of the different stands and stop to get a cappuccino  and a delicious aero bubbly cupcake to boost your energy.

You start filing your bag with a whole lot of different  items from all the different stands.

As you carry on walking you walk past the auditorium where a few amazing presenters are doing talks and presentations. You see people start to fill the chairs and you do the same. Daniyel Berry from STYLE ME is doing the presentation. She is speaking on ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Stylish Women’ you feel enlightened and decide to listen.

 At the end of her very interesting interactive presentation you quickly hurry back to her stand and book a make over session for next week with style me. You can’t wait to be transformed into a highly stylish woman.

The rest of the day is filled with browsing stores, meeting South African celebrities, cocktails, fashion shows and much more.

What an eventful fun filled day it has been!

Blog by: Hannah Blewett 

How to wear your scarf

Many Style Me clients have a drawer of scarves collecting dust. The most important thing I want to teach you about scarves is not to be scared to wear them. Don’t let a little piece of fabric intimidate you. Let’s give you the confidence to wear it well, it will finish off that fabulous outfit. They are great in any season. A light weight cotton or viscose for Summer & a chunky knit in wool or cashmere in Winter. Whatever your season, try practicing & wear your scarf now. The more you practice, the easier it will become…and who knows, maybe your scarf will become your new favourite accessory! This video was a great find, 25 Ways to Wear a scarf in 4.5 Minutes.

How to train yourself to accessorize

We all have our pajama days…no make up, scraped back hair. We are moms, the kids are tearing the house apart…the last person you are thinking about is you. The kids are in bed now, you’ve just pulled out your iPad for a little “Me” time….focus on you…the moments you really want to feel confident and good about yourself.
Majority of my Style Me clients struggle with jewelry & accessories. They say “I don’t wear jewelry, I don’t even own any.” ” I love scarves but don’t know how to wear them”. Many clients have a fear of accessorizing, a fear of getting it wrong.
Accessories make an outfit feel more complete, finished & polished. Let’s learn & train ourselves how to  accessorize.
1. Do a little research online or buy the latest Elle or Instyle Mag, find out what on trend and which styles you are drawn toward. ( You will always have your vintage or classic pieces)
2. Accessorizing can be time consuming, select a Tuesday & Thursday to accessorize, make an effort. As you feel more comfortable, step it up to 3 days.
3. Stand in front of the mirror in your favourite jeans & T-shirt (black of white). Play.
  • Add a necklace with a gold or silver sandal.
  • Add a printed scarf with a hoop earring.
  • Add a beautiful statement earring with a handbag in your favourite Colour.
  • Add a pair of “fake” diamond studs, a beautiful belt and a set of bracelets.
  • Add a string of beads and a beautiful set of bracelets together with a plain gold simple thong.
You will be surprised at the different looks you can create with accessories. Remember, don’t wear everything at the same time. Hats, sunglasses, tights & broaches are also great ways to accessorize.
Let me know if this advise helps & you have any questions, would love to hear from you.