BARBIE in the Real World


After consulting women over the years I have tackled many of these ‘unspoken’ about topics. When I heard the movie was coming out, I booked the opening night as I knew I wanted to give a talk about this Barbie in the REAL World. In this talk, I confront many subjects that women keep to themselves. This is a talk that opens up vulnerability. I hope you watch it with an open heart and take it from a place of love. You might not agree with everything…and that’s ok…it will get you thinking. So, have you watched the Barbie movie? Well if you have, you will realize that it’s not just for kids! If you haven’t for personal reasons, maybe this is the talk you would prefer to hear. Barbie is a current hot topic and has been a toy with such negative feedback over the years. In this talk you will hear a different spin on the Barbie image & how she has impacted business, aesthetics as well as social media. Our children are growing up in the ‘Barbie’ age, a world of false Utopia. How do we navigate this world going forward? Let’s view the world differently. So many of us have been scared of needing the perfect body image. What is the new perfect imperfect? Click on the video


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Wedding Stylist: Take the Stress out of the Dress!


If you are looking for a Wedding Stylist, Daniyel Berry is your lady! She will take you through the process of understanding your figure shape & working out whether you should walk down that aisle in white or cream. Understanding what colours suit your complexion are key to enhancing your natural beauty. Daniyel will take the stress out of the dress by helping you find a dress which will enhance your assets and disguise the parts you are less proud of. Daniyel will make you not only look like a princess but feel like one too!

Daniyel will help you choose the correct clothing for your dream honeymoon. She will be by your side and give you expert advice on what to add to your wardrobe to make it feel new & co-ordinated. You won’t have to take a massive suitcase, she will put together that capsule wardrobe you have always dreamed of having. Why not look stylish every day of your honeymoon?

If you needing Hen’s Party or Pamper Party idea’s, Daniyel has a few things up her sleeve. Why not book her famous ‘Makeup & Merlot’ Party at a venue of your choice. This includes a 4 hour Make Up lesson: Concealing, Contouring & Techniques. Learn the latest makeup tips & bring your make up bag to the lesson. The evening will include a Gift for each lady, canapes & a glass of vino.

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Laura-Leigh Styled: Before & After

“Just because you don’t have a prince, doesn’t mean you’re not a Princess.” Read Laura-Leigh’s story about how she has developed confidence through this life changing experience.

“Well my mom spoilt me with a wonderful course done by Daniyel Berry at Style Me. The course was on how to pack your luggage in 7kgs and still get over 74 outfits. I was absolutely shocked that this was possible. We had an awesome champagne breakfast at the course.

A week later I met with Daniyel to do an extreme makeover. She decluttered my wardrobe of accessories, bags, shoes and clothes. I learned so much from her, like which colour palettes I should wear with my skin tone and what garments suit my body shape. It was a breathe of fresh air as I have been through so much in the last 15 months. My life has changed drastically when I fell pregnant, got married, had a premature baby and divorce all at once. Along with the support of my mom, this experience has been amazing as it has boosted my confidence and outlook on life. I never knew something as simple as a wardrobe change would make me feel this good. I now have a personal shopper, Daniyel Berry, who is a lovely, pleasant & fabulous woman. I don’t have to shop again for myself. Thank you so much mom, I love and appreciate you for giving me an experience of a life time. Here are a few photo’s of my journey with Style Me.” – Laura-Leigh Jasmin

I love this pic of Laura-Leigh, you can see the confidence & strength coming through strongly. “Character, Intelligence, strength, STYLE. That makes beauty.” – Dianne von Furstenberg

Laura-Leigh, you are such a strong woman to have gone through so much in the last year. You are a conqueror!

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Laura-Leigh loves make up, she loves experimenting with new shades. Today I decided to give her a very natural eye with an exciting pop of colour by adding a fuscia lip. We had a make up lesson at the same time!

Thank you goes to Eileen from Brightgirl Photography for capturing Laura-Leigh’s beautiful personality. Eileen really draws out the best in her clients. Without Vanessa, my clients would not look this glam. I love working with Vanessa! She has unbelievable talent when it comes to hair. Hair by Vanessa.

Processed with MOLDIVI went through Laura-Leigh’s wardrobe, photographed every item we were keep & then took pics of what we bought, I then put together 20 capsules of how to put her wardrobe together. Below is one of the capsules she received.


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Laura-Leigh, Daniyel Berry & Lizanne Jasmin (Laura’s Mom) The end to an exciting day but the start of a new life and a new Laura-Leigh!





A girl’s beauty confidence starts with you…(by Dove)

A girl’s beauty confidence starts with you…(by Dove)

I am passionate about this video as I have a 3 year old daughter. My eyes well-up every time I watch it.

How do you view your body? Are you voicing these flaws to your daughters? Self- Image is so important, you can see from this video how it affects those around you. Let’s give our daughters the best start in life by working on our own confidence first which will result in a greater personal confidence for our little ladies.

A huge thank you to Dove for such a powerful message!