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5 Ways To Look Stylish with No Money

Living in a world of uncertainty can really make us lose our mojo. Retail therapy is a real thing! Often when we don’t have money to spend, we can feel down or find ourselves in a slump. This is never great, especially during this time when we need all the positivity we can get.

We are wired to want something new. We feel alive & often leave the house with a bounce in our step when we pop on that new jacket or wear a new handbag. It doesn’t take long before we lose the excitement and we are onto the next ‘new’ thing!

So how do we still get that buzz when we don’t have money in the bank? How do we make ourselves feel AMAZING without trawling the shopping malls?


1. Shop your own wardrobe 
You have so many items that you can re-invent. Play with your clothes. Start enjoying them again. Put on favorite music to create a creative vibe in your bedroom whilst doing this. Pull out your favorite piece, think about how many different combinations you can come up with. We often wear the same item in the same way. To change the combination requires too much time and thought so we end up sticking to our formula which we know works. Can you relate to this? If you can’t think, then try this with a pair of jeans. You will be surprised by how many options you come up with.

2. Re furbish items 
Change a button, hem a pant, or add a broach. Don’t be ‘helpless’ when it comes to minor alterations. Keep a needle & thread in your top draw. Grab your white T-shirt and add a few pearls or silver beads around the neckline. You will totally transform that item. You can unpick them at any time and bring it back to its original look. This way you feel like you have something new again.

3. Pinterest
Pop onto Pinterest for Style inspiration. If you have a pair of jeans in your wardrobe, Pinterest ‘outfits with jeans’. See what resonates with you and pull out similar items in your wardrobe. This way you will break out of your style rut.

4. Accessories
Go through your accessories and pull out items you haven’t worn in a while. Play with your necklaces or earrings and pair them differently. That square scarf which you were given as a gift…try tying it onto your handbag, or fold it in a triangle …tie it in a small knot at the back of your neck and allow it to scoop forward in a cowl. This will automatically transform your White T & jeans into a stylish outfit.

5. Shop Online
If all else fails and you can’t do the above, hop online, add to your cart BUT don’t check out, that way you will feel like you have been shopping but haven’t spent a cent!

I hope these tips help to get you out of your style rut!
Give me a shout if you need advice or help. Yours in Style



10 Ways to Look more Stylish at the Office

Looking Stylish at the office can really boost your self-confidence resulting in an increase in productivity as well as taking pride in your work. We all want to put our best foot forward & enhance respect towards each other within this environment. Our physical appearance is a tool which can be used to achieve this without saying a word. It really is a stepping stone towards success.

Here are 10 Ways to look more Stylish at the Office:

1. Plan your outfit the night before

Most of us are just shattered at the end of the day but believe me when I say it definitely saves time in the morning. It gives you the opportunity to put together something a little different and allows more time for creativity instead of throwing on the same outfit every day.

Rear view of a young woman looking into a  wardrobe

2. Match your pout to your pumps

This is a fabulous rule to follow for a quick stylish look. Pop on a nude shoe with a nude lip or a red shoe with a red lip. This instantly pulls your look together effortlessly.


3. Accessories are your best friend

Think of them as not just the icing, but they are the sprinkles on a chocolate cupcake. How much more decadent & delicious is a beautifully decorated cupcake? This is key to pulling off impeccable yet effortless style. Add a sparkly diamond or pearl necklace to a structured shirt. This immediately adds a more feminine element to your ensemble. Remember not to overdo the earrings, you don’t want to look like a Christmas Tree! Add a beautiful statement piece to your outfit whether it be a necklace, earrings, shoe or bag.


4. Add an impressive bag

This will transform your entire look! Consider adding a bag in your signature colour. A pop of Colour can take your outfit from drab to fab in the blink of an eye.



5. A Smart blazer or Coat

Dress up your trousers, jumpsuit or denim with a smart blazer or coat in a contrasting colour or different textured fabric. If you decide on a print, choose a timeless, classic print.

Office Fashion

6. Add a feminine spin to the Androgynous suit

  • Add a lace camisole under your blazer.
  • Trade in your pencil skirt for an asymmetrical wrap skirt.
  • Ruffles on blouses or jackets add a more feminine look to your office wardrobe. It definitely softens that hard corporate image without taking away the respect factor.


7. Challenge yourself NOT to wear black

Try this! your outfit will automatically have a more Spring feel to it. If you can’t do white or cream, try substituting grey for black if you still prefer a darker shade. Grey is an update to your neutral palette. It gives an edge to your wardrobe. It is fabulous paired with Rose gold. Most colour seasons are able to wear a shade of grey.


8. Metallic shoe

A metallic shoe is a great way to update your wardrobe. It is a great substitute from your standard black pump or heel. It is an extremely versatile colourway which works fabulously in corporate wear as well as denim.



9. Choose your investment pieces in plain fabrics

This way you have more versatility & won’t look like you’ve worn the same blouse 2-3 times that week. Your wardrobe will go so much further. Remember, there is nothing more dated than yesterday’s newspaper and last seasons print. A Print has a short lifespan, it dates so quickly. Rather update your plain items with accessories.


10. Go from Day to Date Night in one outfit

I dress like this most days as I just don’t have time to re-charge between juggling kids & work. You can always throw in a pair of heels or a clutch to transform your day outfit into your date night outfit.





Happy YOU Year!

Happy YOU Year!

Goals or Resolutions?

I believe In goals as it’s a more sustainable journey than a resolution. A goal has a plan of actionable steps in order to achieve the desired outcome. A resolution seems flippant. It’s a firm decision to do or not to do something. These decisions are often aborted shortly after the difficulty sets in. 

I believe in setting goals. I believe in personal goals. I believe if you work on yourself and become the best version of yourself that everything around you should fall in place. ‘Where focus goes, energy flows’ – Tony Robbins

If you prioritize developing the inside & outside of your physical body, your relationships change your work-life changes & the way you view yourself changes. Building your confidence helps you to believe you can conquer and achieve anything.

So let’s start with the end result in mind and then work backward.

What do YOU want in 2020?

”I want to be a successful confident man or woman.”

Happiness? Love? Success? Prosperity?

You cannot expect to be loved by others if you don’t love yourself. It all starts with YOU! Learn to love yourself.

How do YOU achieve this?

I believe that how you feel on the inside (ie. your emotions, your psyche, the way you feel about yourself, the food you eat) is reflected on the outside (through your dress, your clothing, your skin, and your body language). This works in the reverse. The way you look on the outside often reflects the person you are on the inside. Visual messages are sent through our clothing and our body language. 

Our world has become extremely visual with Instagram & other social media platforms. A picture literally says a thousand words. People are not as interested in content without visuals. That first impression is made within the first 7-17 seconds of meeting someone. Of these 17 seconds, 93% is based on your physical appearance (clothes, hair & skin) + body language. Only 7% is the words you say. 

7 Steps to achieving a fabulous YOU!

Listen more

Listen to others (to a point!) but more importantly listen to yourself. Self-talk can be the most positive or destructive conversation you will have. Start being kinder to yourself. Stop beating yourself up. If your friend spoke to you the way you speak to yourself would you be friends with her/him? I doubt it. It’s not an easy thing to do but we need to be more mindful of our dialogue.

Develop your Personal Style

Your friend next to you doesn’t always have all the answers. We tend to depend so much on other people’s opinions that we find ourselves lost. We lose our way as well as our personal style. Your friend’s style may not suit your figure shape or lifestyle. Take style inspiration from people you follow but never copy. This will mostly end in disappointment. Pinterest can be your best friend for style inspiration. Pinterest offers a larger pool of international inspiration rather than just looking in our home town. Understand your figure shape. Discover your assets, we all have assets. These are the parts of your body which you love. These are the areas you will enhance. Identify the areas you are less proud of and disguise those areas.

Heal from the inside

Focus on letting go. The festive season can bring about altercations with family members and friends. Somehow things always come to a head during this time. Year-end stress can result in unnecessary tension. Holding onto things can create damage internally and can manifest itself in the form of various illnesses. I know when I’m battling to verbalize a feeling or feel like I am being unheard, I end up getting a sore throat. You will know how your body responds. Heal yourself from the inside out.

Work on clearing the clutter. A Wardrobe Detox is a great way to lighten your load physically and emotionally. Let go of the past, keep sentimental and keep what is needed in the future. As Marie Kondo says ‘Keep what brings you joy’. I couldn’t agree more!

Discover Colour

An instant pop of color can really give you a bounce in your step. This is an easy way to transform a low mood into an upbeat ‘I’m going to rock today’ vibe. It could be a yellow handbag, a coral lip or your favorite nail color which uplifts your mood. Choosing a signature color is a little like choosing your ‘word’ or ‘mantra’ for the year. It’s a go-to when you feeling down or when you need a boost. I chose the word ‘calm’ as my word for 2020 which is ironic as it ties in beautifully with the new Pantone color of the year, ‘classic blue’ which is what we are calling ‘Anti-Anxiety Blue’. We need less stress, less anxiety & more calm in our lives. I will go into more detail in my next blog.

Become more mindful

The word ‘Sustainable’ is a word that is the golden thread to our future existence on this earth. We talking ‘sustainable fashion’, ‘sustainable food’ & a ‘sustainable lifestyle’. Become more mindful as to what you buy. Do you need 10 white T-shirts? How many times can one item be worn? Develop a capsule wardrobe and invest in good quality items. Consider where it is being manufactured. What is the carbon footprint? Are we being mindful as to what we are putting into our mouths? Maybe we need to address the quantity vs the quality. We only get one body. We are not going to get this 100% right but to make a start in the right direction is better than no start at all.

Work on posture

Shoulders back indicate confidence. Shoulders rolled forward can indicate a lack of confidence or protection of self. I remember when I was going through a rough time when we nearly lost my mom, my posture changed. I went into protection mode. It felt like my shoulders and arms were wings were covering me. I was in protection mode. It’s self-preservation.

This is where exercise plays a huge part. Exercise helps with posture, your core as well as breathing. When we are stressed our breathing is shallow which can result in numerous issues. This is an area in which I am actively working on improving.

Embrace the Journey

I often think that Rome was built in a day as I am an extremely ambitious go-getter type of girl and expect everything to happen now! I keep having to remind myself that Rome wasn’t built in a day. It took brick upon brick. One step at a time. I think consistency is a huge part of achieving success in whatever goal you set yourself. Embrace the journey and remember YOU. Without YOU none of this is possible. Remember self-care, sleep & downtime. This is a constant reminder to myself. Remember the special people in your life, spend quality time with them. Make a difference. Don’t be too hard on yourself and remember 2020 is your ‘Happy YOU year’!

And don’t forget to B R E A T H E.


What Colors look fabulous on me? Why is it important?

We are spoilt for choice in stores and are constantly second-guessing our decision making. Knowing what colors suit your skin tone, hair color & eye color definitely narrow down your selection. The bonus is, having your color cards in your handbag makes that decision so simple. You know that these colors, when reflected against your face, will make you come alive! I love wearing a color that suits me as it really makes my eyes pop. The days I wear a color that is not my color can make me look washed out. I have even been asked if I’m feeling sick.

Colour also has a psychological impact on the people we come into contact with. Colour can be used to ‘manipulate’ a tense business meeting. It can be the deciding factor when going for a job interview. It can also have a huge impact when going on your first date or when you have a tough discussion with your husband 🙂

Fashion Trends are built with different color stories. Color combinations differ from season to season. You may have a few colors in your wardrobe and possibly put them together, in the same way, all the time. This can ‘date’ your wardrobe…and yes, possibly ‘age’ you! None of us want to hear these words right? With a little research, you can freshen up your wardrobe & look more current.

Research has shown that the time women spend putting on makeup and getting dressed works out at 3,276 hours over their lifetimes while men only devote 1,092 hours to looking their best. (Research from The Telegraph)

Let’s spend these hours on far more valuable events. Maybe its spending extra hours with your kids or a sick parent. We don’t get this time back!

If you would like to find out more, join us at the Colour Workshop this Saturday 19th October. We are going to unpack information which will help you save time when shopping & getting ready in the morning. At the end of the day TIME = MONEY …why waste it!

Daniyel Berry


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7. 👕 You don’t have to buy all 10, you can select which ones you would like.

8. ✅ These items will immediately update your wardrobe & keep you current!

9. 💯This way it will help you stay focused when shopping.

10. ⏰💵 You will save TIME as well as MONEY. This means you won’t waste your money on items you won’t wear.

This is a real spoil & time saver! ❤️Just do it!🥂

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Daniyel Berry

How to create your Professional Digital Identity?

Daniyel Berry copy

Nowadays we communicate more online than in reality. From Facebook to Twitter & LinkedIn, our Professional Digital Identity is more important than we realize. It can be the deal breaker to landing your dream job, dating your ideal man or simply getting the right kind of business.

First impressions are imperative to setting the tone and telling your audience exactly what you are about. These impressions are made within the first 7-17seconds of seeing the Profile Picture. Research has shown that 93 % is based on the appearance & body language of the person only 7% are the words you say or write.

Consistency is imperative to creating your Digital Identity and building a strong personal brand

How do you create your Professional Digital Identity?

1. Look into the Camera when having your photo taken. Eyes can tell volumes about the person. Smiling can open up your eyes and give you the confidence you want to exude.
2. Make sure the lighting is right. Never take a pic when the light is behind you. Opt for natural side lighting or studio lighting.
3. Your Digital Profile pic should be about you, not your dog, child or a beer in hand. Get someone else to take the pic so it doesn’t look like a selfie. Selfies can give the impression of being desperate or self- absorbed. Too many selfies can be a result of a lack of self-confidence. Selfies in a group are more acceptable. These are, however, not recommended for your Digital Identity Photograph.
4. Use the same profile pic across all platforms if you are a businessman or woman. You are the first point of call in your business, not your logo or staff. You need to uphold the image of your company. People do business with people, not your logo.
5. Be careful what you post. One incorrect post can destroy your digital identity.
6. The Psychology of colour is important to understand when choosing what to wear. Different colours have different meanings. Be sure to choose a colour which conveys the correct message about you and your business.
7. Frame your Portrait. Keep the detail towards the top. Choose statement pieces which reflect your Style Personality.

Your Professional Digital Identity is imperative to your success. It could be the start of your dream job or landing a deal of a lifetime. Once you have, don’t forget to deliver the goods!

If you need help creating your Professional Digital Identity you are welcome to email me: , I would love to assist!