Before & After: Ed de Lange

Developing your Professional Image is critical to achieving success in that first impression. A first impression is made in the first 7-17 seconds of meeting someone. During his time, 93% is based on your Physical Appearance (clothing & grooming) as well as body language. Only 7% are the words you say!

Client’s are doing business with YOU, not your logo or business card. They are not doing business with the Company you work for. They do business with you because of the relationship they build with YOU. Why not give them the best possible experience?

The way you dress on the outside affects your confidence on the inside. What is happening on the inside is often projected through clothing on the outside.You can tell A LOT about a person by the colours they wear as well as their style of clothing. The Psychology of Colour is important to know when dressing for your next meeting. Develop your Personal Brand and align it with your Business.

We did a Style Makeover for Ed’s 30th Birthday From Colour, Figure, Style Analysis to Wardrobe Detox. We then did a Shopping Spree, Barber experience & photo shoot.

I love how the body language changes after an image update.This is serious job satisfaction! www.styleme.co.za

Lizanne Styled: Before & After

“I have enough clothes & shoes. I don’t need to go shopping.” -said no woman ever. Yet this is how I felt when I went through Lizanne’s wardrobe. She did not need to buy another thing! We still went shopping for a few new items to add into her current wardrobe. With her colouring being Autumn, we focused on buying clothing in her colours and added a few beautiful, more current yet classic accessories.

“Thank you Daniyel for time and the love. Most of all your gift of creativeness made me alive again from within. Words can just not describe how i’m feeling today. Looking forward to many more work with you. God Bless” -Lizanne Jasmin

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Lizanne, I have really loved our time together. You are a woman of character, intelligence & strength. Add Style to this and it transforms you into one beautiful woman! I will never forget that moment when you brought suitcases to my office. We spent hours going through your beautiful investment pieces & your gorgeous handbags. With good investment pieces you had endless options. I have definitely met a woman who takes shopping to a whole new level. I was extremely happy to be the new owner of your fur wrap which you didn’t feel comfortable in. An item which I will love wearing in years to come.

image      image     image

Thank you goes to Vanessa from Hair by Vanessa for doing Lizanne’s hair. We wanted a cut which was going to be manageable but yet classic at the same time. Vanessa really did a fantastic job. Make up was done by myself, Daniyel Berry from Style Me. I decided a natural wash of colour over the lids & lips would suit Lizanne’s personality. Eileen from Bright girl Photography took these beautiful pics which really capture the essence of Lizanne’s classic & natural personality. Eileen has this wonderful way of bringing out the best in her client. Lizanne, you look absolutely gorgeous!

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The wardrobe capsules below which Lizanne received after her shopping spree are definitely the cherry on the top of any cake. At the end of the day, every women wants to know how to put together their wardrobe. I make it really easy which helps you save time and money. You can literally print them out and stick them on the inside of your wardrobe  and know you have got it together. I use your investment pieces and put your wardrobe together for you. Definitely a winning formula with my clients.

IMG_2240 IMG_2242

During the Make over we always indulge in delicious food. At the end of the day food, clothing and lipstick all make us feel fabulous! This is what make over day is all about.

image image

Laura-Leigh (Lizanne’s daughter), Myself & Lizanne at the end of an exhilarating Make over day! Happy Ladies!

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If you want a full make over or just a colour or figure analysis, maybe a wardrobe consult then contact me on info@styleme.co.za


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Laura-Leigh Styled: Before & After

“Just because you don’t have a prince, doesn’t mean you’re not a Princess.” Read Laura-Leigh’s story about how she has developed confidence through this life changing experience.

“Well my mom spoilt me with a wonderful course done by Daniyel Berry at Style Me. The course was on how to pack your luggage in 7kgs and still get over 74 outfits. I was absolutely shocked that this was possible. We had an awesome champagne breakfast at the course.

A week later I met with Daniyel to do an extreme makeover. She decluttered my wardrobe of accessories, bags, shoes and clothes. I learned so much from her, like which colour palettes I should wear with my skin tone and what garments suit my body shape. It was a breathe of fresh air as I have been through so much in the last 15 months. My life has changed drastically when I fell pregnant, got married, had a premature baby and divorce all at once. Along with the support of my mom, this experience has been amazing as it has boosted my confidence and outlook on life. I never knew something as simple as a wardrobe change would make me feel this good. I now have a personal shopper, Daniyel Berry, who is a lovely, pleasant & fabulous woman. I don’t have to shop again for myself. Thank you so much mom, I love and appreciate you for giving me an experience of a life time. Here are a few photo’s of my journey with Style Me.” – Laura-Leigh Jasmin

I love this pic of Laura-Leigh, you can see the confidence & strength coming through strongly. “Character, Intelligence, strength, STYLE. That makes beauty.” – Dianne von Furstenberg

Laura-Leigh, you are such a strong woman to have gone through so much in the last year. You are a conqueror!

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Laura-Leigh loves make up, she loves experimenting with new shades. Today I decided to give her a very natural eye with an exciting pop of colour by adding a fuscia lip. We had a make up lesson at the same time!

Thank you goes to Eileen from Brightgirl Photography for capturing Laura-Leigh’s beautiful personality. Eileen really draws out the best in her clients. Without Vanessa, my clients would not look this glam. I love working with Vanessa! She has unbelievable talent when it comes to hair. Hair by Vanessa.

Processed with MOLDIVI went through Laura-Leigh’s wardrobe, photographed every item we were keep & then took pics of what we bought, I then put together 20 capsules of how to put her wardrobe together. Below is one of the capsules she received.


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Laura-Leigh, Daniyel Berry & Lizanne Jasmin (Laura’s Mom) The end to an exciting day but the start of a new life and a new Laura-Leigh!






Before & After: Elaine

“Thank you so much for the experience of having a “makeover”. I needed to feel special again after my divorce. Thank you for helping me realize what colours and style suit me, for helping me to tweak my wardrobe. What fun it was to toss out the “old” clothes to get ready for the “new”. Thanks for organizing my hair, make up and the photo shoot, for the lunch, the good laughs and anything else I have forgotten. It was an experience I will never forget. You are amazing!” – Elaine

Elaine won a complete make over at the Breast Cancer Breakfast. Style Me had the pleasure of spending two full days with Elaine. On day one, we did a Colour & Figure Analysis, as well as a complete audit of her entire wardrobe. Going thru your wardrobe is totally therapeutic…getting rid of the old & re-looking at the new. Style me did a shopping spree for Elaine, adding in garments and accessories to compliment her Classic & Natural Personality. This gave her wardrobe a fresh & updated look. All items were bought from Miladys.



On day two, Elaine experienced a whole “new you”! Her morning started with Hair by Vanessa, Vanessa is a talented stylist with amazing vision. Her day followed with make up by Make-Up Your Mind. Alana enhanced her natural beauty by using colors to fit in with her Summer colouring. Vanessa & Alana transformed Elaine into a radiant princess! We had a professional photo shoot by Eileen from Brightgirl Photography which was the cherry on the top. Eileen made Elaine feel totally relaxed & really brought out the best in her. In the photographs you can see that Elaine exudes confidence & radiance.We had such a fun two days together! What Fabulous team work!




Style Me Makeover video with Rene

Rene & I had such a fun two days. We did a complete make over which included Hair by Vanessa Lumley & make up by Aldytha da Silva from Make-Up Your Mind. Rene has beautiful features which we enhanced. We chose clothing to suit her natural & creative personality as well as her Spring colouring & figure type. Doesn’t she look gorgeous?

This professional video was taken by Glen Wright from Social Cinema . Photographs were taken by Eileen Laubscher from Brightgirl Photography.

Thank you to such an amazing team!