Before & After: Ed de Lange

Developing your Professional Image is critical to achieving success in that first impression. A first impression is made in the first 7-17 seconds of meeting someone. During his time, 93% is based on your Physical Appearance (clothing & grooming) as well as body language. Only 7% are the words you say!

Client’s are doing business with YOU, not your logo or business card. They are not doing business with the Company you work for. They do business with you because of the relationship they build with YOU. Why not give them the best possible experience?

The way you dress on the outside affects your confidence on the inside. What is happening on the inside is often projected through clothing on the outside.You can tell A LOT about a person by the colours they wear as well as their style of clothing. The Psychology of Colour is important to know when dressing for your next meeting. Develop your Personal Brand and align it with your Business.

We did a Style Makeover for Ed’s 30th Birthday From Colour, Figure, Style Analysis to Wardrobe Detox. We then did a Shopping Spree, Barber experience & photo shoot.

I love how the body language changes after an image update.This is serious job satisfaction! www.styleme.co.za

Daniyel Berry

How to create your Professional Digital Identity?

Daniyel Berry copy

Nowadays we communicate more online than in reality. From Facebook to Twitter & LinkedIn, our Professional Digital Identity is more important than we realize. It can be the deal breaker to landing your dream job, dating your ideal man or simply getting the right kind of business.

First impressions are imperative to setting the tone and telling your audience exactly what you are about. These impressions are made within the first 7-17seconds of seeing the Profile Picture. Research has shown that 93 % is based on the appearance & body language of the person only 7% are the words you say or write.

Consistency is imperative to creating your Digital Identity and building a strong personal brand

How do you create your Professional Digital Identity?

1. Look into the Camera when having your photo taken. Eyes can tell volumes about the person. Smiling can open up your eyes and give you the confidence you want to exude.
2. Make sure the lighting is right. Never take a pic when the light is behind you. Opt for natural side lighting or studio lighting.
3. Your Digital Profile pic should be about you, not your dog, child or a beer in hand. Get someone else to take the pic so it doesn’t look like a selfie. Selfies can give the impression of being desperate or self- absorbed. Too many selfies can be a result of a lack of self-confidence. Selfies in a group are more acceptable. These are, however, not recommended for your Digital Identity Photograph.
4. Use the same profile pic across all platforms if you are a businessman or woman. You are the first point of call in your business, not your logo or staff. You need to uphold the image of your company. People do business with people, not your logo.
5. Be careful what you post. One incorrect post can destroy your digital identity.
6. The Psychology of colour is important to understand when choosing what to wear. Different colours have different meanings. Be sure to choose a colour which conveys the correct message about you and your business.
7. Frame your Portrait. Keep the detail towards the top. Choose statement pieces which reflect your Style Personality.

Your Professional Digital Identity is imperative to your success. It could be the start of your dream job or landing a deal of a lifetime. Once you have, don’t forget to deliver the goods!

If you need help creating your Professional Digital Identity you are welcome to email me: daniyel@styleme.co.za , I would love to assist!


How to Dress for Success on a Budget


When we say “Dressing for Success on a Budget”, we automatically think of a wardrobe full of clothing from a cheaper store. Not so. You need very little clothing to dress for Success. It’s about quality, style and how you mix & match. What you are going to do is invest in key items in good quality fabrics with a fabulous fit. These items should be timeless and should last you at least 5 years if not longer. You are then going to add more on trend items to this collection of basics to extend your wardrobe and take it that much further.

Here are 10 Tips on other ways to Dress for Success on a Budget:

  1. Spring Clean your Wardrobe, you may find items you forgot about & you can re-use or put together differently. Donate your shoes to the Robinhood Foundation.
  2. Visit your Tailor. Alter a garment. Slim down a leg or shorten a skirt. Change the buttons. These ideas can automatically revitalize a garment.
  3. Swop clothes with a friend who is the same size. Why not organise a “Swop Party”?
  4. Update your wardrobe with a TREND Colour to suit your Colouring. Have a look at the latest Pantone Report for Spring/Summer 2016/17. Book a Colour Analysis to find out your season and which colours make you radiate.
  5. Add a current Accessory. This will immediately update your wardrobe.
  6. Invest in more plains and less prints. You will have more to work with. Prints are limiting & date easily. Know what prints are classics & which ones are trends. Classics will last longer.
  7. Keep an eye out for Sales, buy investment pieces on Sale from good quality stores.
  8. Follow the 70/30 Rule: 70% Timeless garments & 30% Wow factor items. Put these together & you have 100% Success.
  9. Work out the “Budget Cost per Wear Formula”: Cost R100, Wear it 10x in a year = R10 per wear. This way you can see if buying that garment is worth it.
  10. Mix & Match – Can the garment work with another 3-5 Styles in your wardrobe? We need to be able to create different outfits by utilizing the same garment.

Go ahead! Give it a try! You will be surprised how easy it is. If you battling, give me a shout and I can help you to look your best.