Before & After: Ed de Lange

Developing your Professional Image is critical to achieving success in that first impression. A first impression is made in the first 7-17 seconds of meeting someone. During his time, 93% is based on your Physical Appearance (clothing & grooming) as well as body language. Only 7% are the words you say!

Client’s are doing business with YOU, not your logo or business card. They are not doing business with the Company you work for. They do business with you because of the relationship they build with YOU. Why not give them the best possible experience?

The way you dress on the outside affects your confidence on the inside. What is happening on the inside is often projected through clothing on the outside.You can tell A LOT about a person by the colours they wear as well as their style of clothing. The Psychology of Colour is important to know when dressing for your next meeting. Develop your Personal Brand and align it with your Business.

We did a Style Makeover for Ed’s 30th Birthday From Colour, Figure, Style Analysis to Wardrobe Detox. We then did a Shopping Spree, Barber experience & photo shoot.

I love how the body language changes after an image update.This is serious job satisfaction! www.styleme.co.za

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