Daniyel Berry


1. 👩‍💻👨‍💼This service is not just for the ladies! My male clients have requested this service too.

2. 🛍 Daniyel Berry will go ONCE A MONTH on a Shopping Spree for clothing without you.

3. 📷 She will take photographs & WhatsApp you the 10 BEST ITEMS in store which she thinks will suit you.

4. 🗓 She will send you the pics on the FIRST WEDNESDAY of every month.

5. 📝 She will send you the store & the price of the item.

6. 💃 YOU will go to the store and try the item on and decide on whether you want to buy it or not. Chances are you will LOVE everything Daniyel sends you so you may have some tough decision making.

7. 👕 You don’t have to buy all 10, you can select which ones you would like.

8. ✅ These items will immediately update your wardrobe & keep you current!

9. 💯This way it will help you stay focused when shopping.

10. ⏰💵 You will save TIME as well as MONEY. This means you won’t waste your money on items you won’t wear.

This is a real spoil & time saver! ❤️Just do it!🥂

💰Cost: Monthly debit order \\ R950p/month

☎️Contact: executivepa@styleme.co.za to sign up.


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