BARBIE in the Real World


After consulting women over the years I have tackled many of these ‘unspoken’ about topics. When I heard the movie was coming out, I booked the opening night as I knew I wanted to give a talk about this Barbie in the REAL World. In this talk, I confront many subjects that women keep to themselves. This is a talk that opens up vulnerability. I hope you watch it with an open heart and take it from a place of love. You might not agree with everything…and that’s ok…it will get you thinking. So, have you watched the Barbie movie? Well if you have, you will realize that it’s not just for kids! If you haven’t for personal reasons, maybe this is the talk you would prefer to hear. Barbie is a current hot topic and has been a toy with such negative feedback over the years. In this talk you will hear a different spin on the Barbie image & how she has impacted business, aesthetics as well as social media. Our children are growing up in the ‘Barbie’ age, a world of false Utopia. How do we navigate this world going forward? Let’s view the world differently. So many of us have been scared of needing the perfect body image. What is the new perfect imperfect? Click on the video


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