Style Me Workshop: “How to pack 70+ Outfits into 7kg’s!”

“Thank you for an amazing experience at your workshop last night. The attention to detail and quality of your value-add contributions is inspirational.

You are a creative spirit, a natural public-speaker and make each one of us “feel your passion for Life: (…even the flavourful, healthy Tapas sparked conversations).

I admire the manner in which you breathe “life” back into women’s lives in just a few hours! Friendships were made by the “common threads” you allowed us to build at the workshop: we celebrated self acceptance and self-love without being conciously aware of it! We laughed and thoroughly enjoyed our group experience.

Thank you for working your magic in my life. Sparkle on!” – Liza Schwikkard  image     image

The workshop was presented at a morning session which included a Champagne breakfast, and an evening session which included wine, champagne & tapa’s. The content of the workshop included:

  • Discover 7 Packing Tips for your next trip
  • How to pack 70+ Outfits into 7kg’s
  • Learn how to Accessorise whilst on the run!
  • What Colour combinations should I try for Winter 2016?
  • Make up tips & tricks for 2016
  • Update your day-look, learn about the 2016 smokey eye

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“Daniyel, I so thoroughly enjoyed your very professionally presented workshop here in Durban North recently! It was an eye opening experience to go back and reassess my wardrobe and to realise that one does not need a substantial wardrobe to look simply gorgeous and stylish. I was also thrilled to learn of the new, innovative and face transforming makeup products that you demonstrated so effectively! Wishing you the very best in all your stylish endeavours.” – Anne Marie

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“My mom (Val) & I would like to thank you Daniyel for the most wonderful, informative and inspiring evening. We had such a fabulous evening and met such fabulous ladies! It was like a little gift from heaven as we have always been well seasoned over-packers! We look forward to sharing with you our 7kg suitcases! Thank you and take care.” – Simone Du Plessis Bom-Schweimer

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