How to de-clutter your wardrobe

When your wardrobe becomes cluttered, do you feel like your head space is cluttered to? Do you  feel like you just can’t think?  Let a lone decide on what to wear?


Tip 1: Get rid of duplicates

Do you really need 20 White T-shirts? If that item were on the ‘Sale’ rack would you buy it? Most probably your answer would be ‘no’. I think having a lot of the same kinds of things makes it hard for people to stay organized because they feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff they have in their wardrobes.

imageTip 2: Box what doesn’t fit

We all have those items which we still think we can squeeze into, face it –  it’s not happening any time soon! Don’t let these garments torture you every time you open your closet. Box them till you have lost your weight or donate if you feel like you never going to get there.

Tip 3: Toss what’s worn out

We all want to hold onto to that comfortable worn out sweater which we have worn to death. Death is what needs to happen to it now! Go thru and toss out anything which is pilled (those little balls which are often caused from too much polyester in the composition together with abrasion)

Tip 4: Toss or Box dated prints

Try to keep prints to a minimum. Prints date very quickly. If you unsure as to whether or not it’s a dated print then send me a pick. It takes a trained eye to know what’s current & what’s not.


Tip 5:  Apply the 80/20 Rule
You may not want to admit it, but majority of  the clothing you have probably goes unworn. It’s said that the average Woman only wears 10 to 20 percent of her clothes. Bottom line! If you haven’t worn it in a year, box it or donate. I believe in re-cycling or re-using. Another great idea is to swop with a friend.

Tip 6: One In – One Out

For each new item you buy to put in your wardrobe, donate one item (or toss if it’s past it’s prime!). This will keep you from returning to your previously cluttered wardrobe.

Good Luck with your de-cluttering! Hears to a clear head space & being able to think clearly again!

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