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How to Dress your Pear-shaped Figure?

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Do you carry weight on your hips & thighs?

You are one of the majority female shapes, classically know at the Pear or Triangle. Our childbearing hips look larger than they actually are because our shape is characterized by a defined, smaller waist & often narrow shoulders. You will often find when shopping, you buy a smaller top and a larger bottom.

What we need to do with Style lines is balance your top half with your lower bottom half. The way we do this is by visually broadening our shoulder area thus reducing the size of our hips.

Here are a few Hot Tips on How to Dress your Pear-shaped Figure?

  1. Dress your Portrait! Draw attention upwards by adding a statement necklace, beautiful earring or a pop of color on the lip.
  2. Finish your Jacket or tops at the widest area of the hips (your crotch level)Wear a looser top with slimmer fitting pants
  3. A-line skirts are better for you then pencil skirts. Pencil skirts are painful to wear as they keep riding up higher than your waistline. This is because your hips are wider than your waist. You will find you will often need a belt when wearing pants as they gape in the small of your back. Belts are definitely functional rather than decorative.
  4. Pants should be darker & plain in color. Avoid wearing printed pants as this just draws attention to your widest area. This ends up becoming the focal point. If you going to wear a print, wear It in a top rather than a pant or short.
  5. A V-neck top is always great as it enhances the bust. It echoes the shape of an hourglass, the wide part of the shoulders widens this area whilst the V point, points downwards towards the waist creating a narrower waistline. Very flattering.
  6. Keep your detail up towards bust & shoulder line. Steer away from any hemline detail on your tops. This accentuates the widest area of your body and the eye is immediately drawn to this detail.

If you need help or advice on dressing your Pear/Triangular shaped figure contact Daniyel Berry

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