Tyla-Jane Styled: Before & After

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” – Coco Chanel

From the photographs below you can see Tyla-Jane Roberts being just that! Her natural inner beauty has been enhanced & you can see a beautiful confident woman embracing her feminity in front of the camera. Tyla-Jane’s colouring is Spring & I have styled her accordingly. Lucky for Tyla, she already had quite a few items in her personal wardrobe in her colouring which was fabulous! I put together items she already had with a few extra’s from the stores which really helped pull the look together. Her personality was Romantic with Natural & Dramatic as a close second. From the way she has been styled you can see these elements coming through. What a wonderful experience to work with such a beautiful young lady both inside and out. Tyla-Jane you are an extraordinary!

Processed with MOLDIV“The two days that I spent at Style Me were truly amazing. Daniyel showed me ways that I can express my style and personality, and look and feel my best. I loved her helpful advice and creative ideas, and I feel so much more excited to create new outfits and to get dressed for different occasions. The Style Me experience has given me more confidence to express my inner self in my exterior look, and I have gained an experience that will benefit me throughout the rest of my life. I am so grateful to have received the voucher. I feel so spoiled to have had a makeover with some phenomenal women. I loved the Style Me experience, as well as getting to know Daniyel.” – Tyla-Jane (17yrs)


A Huge thank you to a brilliant team! Thank you to Eileen from Brightgirl Photography for the fabulous photographs. Thank you to Vanessa from Hair by Vanessa for the subtle ombre effect whilst still embracing Tyla-Janes natural personality. Thank you to Aldytha from Make up your Mind for the flawless make up which really enhances Tyla-Janes gorgeous features. It really is effortless working with such talent.


Processed with MOLDIVThe 100% Cotton Embroidered Jacket below is from Zara (ZAR999)



Necklace from Mr Price ZAR129.99 (guestimate price)unspecified

Don’t you think Tyla-Jane looks absolutely gorgeous in emerald green?








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