5 Steps to achieving effortless Style this holiday

1.Keep it Simple

Summer Holidays are about spending time at the beach or around the pool. My absolute favorite time of the year. A little Vitamin D goes a long way! What should we wear to achieve effortless Style this holiday?

Investment pieces are key to making it all work. Love every item you choose. Beautiful fabrics in simple styles ooze elegance. Choose your favourite jeans, most comfortable sneakers or sandals & your most versatile jacket or cardigan. If you a leggings kind of girl, these are great for a relaxed comfortable holiday look. (Don’t forget to wear a top which covers your bottom!) Simple T’s or a classic dress are great pieces to keeping it simple.


2. The Rule of “3”

Wear these 3 items at the same time!

  1. Your basic outfit
  2. Jewellry
  3. A scarf, belt, statement shoe or handbag5.-Colorful-Sweater-With-Yellow-Sneakers

Wear 3 colours at the same time!

This could be different tones of the same colour or different colours. Too many colours could look like a Christmas tree…unless this is the look you are going for.

  1. Denim jeans
  2. White T-shirt
  3. Brown jacket & shoes


3. Focal Point

Create a focal point such as a beautiful earring, statement necklace or a coloured lip. A coloured sneaker or something metallic could create some interest to your outfit. This helps to achieve effortless style this holiday without trying to hard.


4. The French Hair

I love holiday time when I can just loosely tie my hair up in a bun. A few loose strands can look stylish. It’s cool & easy to manage especially after diving into the pool. Try a little less effort with your short hair…if you can!


5. Simplify Make up

I’m often torn between no make up or full make up! If you can’t go without makeup try this simple routine:

  1. Moisturize & apply sunscreen
  2. Use Kryolan foundation for a flawless look
  3. I love MAC’s Black silicone pot which I use with an angled brush to create that liquid line above the top lashes. This is Waterproof and creates eye definition.
  4. Waterproof Mascara of your choice. I use Clinique’s Waterproof Mascara but it’s up to you!
  5. Pop on a clear or colored gloss to give you that ultimate Summer glow.
  6. If you not mad about the dewy look you can finish with your KryolanTranslucent powder.

Hope you have an effortless Stylish holiday!



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