7 Packing Tips for your Holiday

There were 3 girls in my family plus my mom. For my Dad, travelling with us was so stressful as we brought our massive suitcases down to the car. This was probably one of the worst jobs trying to fit everything in. To top it all off, we used to run up and down the stairs as we realized we had forgot something. Today, my husband & Dad wished I had learnt what I know now back then!

Remember if you pack light, you can literally fit in 70+ Outfits into a 7kg carry on luggage bag with only 12 garments! Who needs more?

Here are 7 Packing Tips for your Holiday:

  1. Lay your clothing on the bed and then eliminate one third – We always take too much! If you worried you don’t have enough, take laundry powder with for the odd item which can be hand washed.
  2. Put your earrings through buttons so you don’t loose them, or use an empty contact lens case.
  3. Put necklaces in between Glad wrap so they don’t tangle or thread them through a straw.
  4. Turn your Blazers or jackets inside out so they don’t crease.
  5. Roll socks and underwear, place in a zip lock bag and into your shoes.
  6. Pack jeans
 & dresses, roll tops, pack belts round the edge of the suitcase.
  7. Take small travel size items, glad wrap the top and then replace with caps to avoid exploding at high altitude.
  • Double bag toiletries.
  • Keep Toiletries in the suitcase for next time you travel.
  • Place shoes in first & fill the gaps with soft items.

Hope you have a fabulous trip!


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