How to build Confidence in 8 easy steps


New Years is all about new beginnings. Giving yourself a chance to make right what went wrong. It’s about putting new goals and challenges in place. Many of us have those empty speech bubbles… the ones you see in cartoons. Let me help you create a list to avoid that speechless moment.

8 Tips to making you feel confident & start on a positive note:

  1. Have your haircut. Change your style or colour if you’re feeling brave. Trim those dead ends so you’re off to a fresh start.
  2. Neaten up those nails. A new nail colour or something bright can psychologically improve your serotonin levels.
  3. Do a Wardrobe detox. This helps to de-clutter your mind. Do the same to your office space.
  4. Write a list of goals for 2018 and set dates by which you want to achieve them.
  5. Write down 20 positive affirmations starting with “I am…”. Read these everyday to increase your confidence & help achieve your goals.
  6. Book a facial or do a DIY at home. Cleanse your skin from all that excess sunscreen & get back that glow. A good exfoliation is always a great idea after a summer holiday.
  7. Retail Therapy goes a long way after doing your wardrobe detox. Buy an investment piece during the January sales.
  8. Stop thinking about everything you don’t have & start being grateful for everything you do have. Gratitude is key to happiness & a positive outlook on the year ahead.

I hope 2018 is full of great surprises!

Put your best foot forward.

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